Monday, April 20, 2009


Technology both help us and hurt us for this project. Our original idea for our calendar was to post the calendar online and link a facebook page to it. However while trying to do this we ran into difficulties in figuring out how to do it. This did lead us to a better idea. We decided that our calendar would serve a much better purpose if it was on blackboard and students could use it to maintain the schedules. Almost all of the student population at Clemson uses blackboard but not everyone uses facebook. Having use blackboard for this project did not really seem to affect our group either way. We did use email a couple of times instead of having to meet to exchange the information. By emailing each other by a certain deadline we could all do the project when it was most convienent for us instead of haveing to work around each other. We did not have any virtual meeting either. I am not sure personal how you even do a virtual meeting. The most useful type of technology for us was emailing each other

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ethical Lapse

I think it is very important to know the ethical set of guidelines when you enter the work place. This guidelines are how and what the company feels and views as correct. Working for a company that has a different view of what is ethically correct can cause stress in your life over choosing between your beliefs and the company's. You may be asked to do something you view as wrong but is viewed as part of the job in the company's eyes.
I learned from the examples in class that these memos that dehumanizing language still exist today. I did not pick up on the fact that the Just document was talking about the Holocaust, I thought they were moving plants. I do understand why he may have written the letter the way he did as well. By writing it the way he did, he disassociated him self with the events that were taking place. He made the incident seem like it did not deal with people at all, which may have been a comfort for him.
As for my own ethical principles, I would definitely stay away from hurting people both emotionally and physically. While it will be tough to do, I also want to put peoples needs over making money for a company. In the world we live in today, a lot of businesses are focusing on ways to save themselves money without really looking out for their employees or even their customers. I would like to avoid this aspect of the business world and try and work for a company that really does have human needs at the top of their list instead of making a profit.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Presentations/ Portfolios

I liked Will's presentation on "Guitar Tops" from Wednesday. My favorite part was the story he told at the beginning of his presentation about his roommate stepping on his guitar. The story definitely caught my attention. I also liked how he related his presentation to the audience by saying how we all have had interaction with guitars in one way or another. I also enjoyed his presentation because I am trying to learn how to play the guitar. I did not know that the type of wood used made a difference to the sound of the guitar.
I have never made an online portfolio before. This will be my first time doing one so I am not sure how it is done or what programs you use to make it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I really like everyone's presentations and really learned a lot from them. My favorite would have to be David Gordon presentation on the best active athlete. I found his presentation to be extremely funny and entertaining. He did a really good job of picking a topic that was different but at the same time related it to everyone by picking a wide range of sports. What made his presentation so enjoyable was the humor he put into it. Some of the reason of why some athletics won were really funny.
My second favorite presentation was Ryan Cromer's presentation on racquetball. I think the visual aids he used were amazing. I now understand the basics of racquetball or have more of an idea how it is played. He looked very confident in presenting and was really knowledgeable on the subject.
Trenton Guy's presentation on the differences between indoor and outdoor track was my third favorite. I like the pictures of him in the actual races. He also told us how someone's height can effect which events they will be better at. I did not know there was a difference between indoor and outdoor track before his presentation other than the location.
All three presenters did a really good job of focusing their presentation on the audience. They understood how much the audience understood and they were able to explain there presentation in an interesting way.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cover Letter

I really like the article on the cover letters. I do agree with the advice given. The advice about writing the cover letter to each individual company, I feel, was very useful advice. This will help show the company that you are interested in them. It shows them that you not only took the time to write a personal letter to them but that you also took the time to research information about them to put into your cover letter. The only information that I could see not being true all the time is writing three paragraphs each in each letter. I feel that in some situations you would be able to combine some of the information into two paragraphs.
I found the check list to be the most useful. It was very direct and I feel like it would be very useful right before you sent out your cover letter. It would be a great way of double checking to make sure you included all the information you needed before you sent this to companies. I was unaware of adding the P.S. down at the bottom. I would have never thought of adding a P.S. to a cover letter and having that be seen as professional. I will look to see if I can add the P.S. for my next cover letter.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Client Project

I really liked a lot of the ideas we came up with in class. I think one of my favorite ideas was Kristen's idea about the cook book. I think that would be a very effective away of reaching the Clemson community and giving students ideas about they area able to prepare healthy meals. I personally do not have much experience with cooking so a cook book would come in handy for me me personally. Having a youtube video that went along with some of the directions would also help those who may need to see it being made instead of just reading it.

An idea that I have other than the cook book would be a weekend tournament. Have the student body create teams to go and participate in either a single sport tournament or do something like the Olympics and have multiple sports. If we did the Olympic sports idea we could have the teams select members off their team to compete in the event (have the number of events a person can particpate in be limited).

I do not have any concerns about my group. I think that I am in a very good group and we will come up with some really good ideas. The only question I really have about the project is if each group is going to do an event or if each group comes up with ideas and the class does something. From the way the client meeting went and the way class discussion is going it sounds like it would be a class project, but my understanding of the project was that each group would come up with something.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interview Mistakes

I did agree with the article. I think that it gave a lot of really important tips about how to handle the interview. Some of the information I felt may have been more common sense and they could have replace with other information. However that common sense information is definitely something you want to mess up on.

I have had an interview before. I worked for Carmax for a year and they had a three back to back interviews that you had to go through before you got the job. The first one was the worst because it was my first job interview. I was a little nervous for that one, but the other two went really well. The last interview I had that day was the best. The guy who was interviewing me had a wife that graduated from the same college I was attending at the time. We talked about the school for most of the interview.

The advise I have for people going into an interview is to be your self. It makes it a lot more comfortable for you and for the employer. If you are just being your self then it will make answering the questions easier and you will not have to worry about being truthful